How Nearpod Saved The Day

I was getting ready to go through a short slideshow in my Economics class the other day, and then my projector screen went blank...


Stories that start like this usually don't end well. But in this rare case, technology actually saved me from, well, technology. Let me explain.

Imediately after the screen went blank, I turned to my computer and went to In less than 5 minutes, I was going through the the slideshow and had even embedded formative assessment questions into said presentation. Believe it or not, the lesson did more to promote learning than if everything had gone as planned. This was no miracle, it was Nearpod.

Nearpod allows teachers to deliver instructions to students by "pushing" content out to any wireless device or computer that is using the same software. The best part is that the teacher controls the content- the current slide on the teachers screen dictates what slide is displayed on the students' screens. This feature prevents students from going ahead or ignoring the lesson altogether. To top it off, the teacher can embed assessment questions and even videos into the presentation! Students' responses to assessment questions are recorded and permanently saved for the teacher to view at any time.

Go to Nearpod and create an account today, so you can be prepared for the day your projector goes kaput!

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