Make any video your lesson with EDpuzzle

To Edpuzzle: You have ended my painstaking search for a video lesson app- thank you!!

Have a YouTube video you show in class every year? Turn it into an interactive lesson! Do you record your class lectures for use in a flipped classroom? Turn it into all-in-one lesson!

If you utilize videos to teach your students, it's time you let the videos teach for you. Edpuzzle is a Chrome App purposed for turning virtually any video into a full lesson that includes audio instructions and voiceovers, and multiple choice and short answer questions. You can upload your own video, or search for videos from numerous sources, including YouTube, Khan Academy, Crash Course, Vimeo and much more.

If you think that's cool, there's more..

The true power of Edpuzzle is in the tools available to the teacher. You are able to:

-See if a student has watched the video, and when it was last seen

-See if a student re-watched a particular segment of the video

-See individual student's answers as well as ALL students' answers to the questions and and grade/comment instantly

Signing up is easy. First, the teacher must create an account. Students then create an account and join the teacher's classroom using a code. That's it! The teacher can then create videos and assign them to the class with a due date.

This Chrome app is one of my new favorites, for the reasons listed above. Give it a try and see if you agree with me!

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