Formative- The App For Every Subject

The title to this post says it all. Formative can be used to comprehensively assess anything in virtually any way.

This app is powerful in every sense of the word. You can assign multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and get this- virtual whiteboard questions! That's right, you can ask a student to show thier work when solving a math equation, or to draw DNA helix in Biology class. The inclusion of the virtual whiteboard feature in this app sets it apart from other assessment apps, and proves useful for assessing learning objectives otherwise difficult to assess using technology.

Not only can you assess students' knowledge, Formative allows teachers to share image files, PDFs, and videos with students. As a result of this additional functionality, this app can be used to create a complete lesson, with embedded assessment items, primary documents, and other multimedia.

Teachers can create a class, with a dedicated class code for students to sign up with- this format is always useful for any digital classroom. What is unique about Formative is that each assignment also has a dedicated assignment code. Cool huh? This is great for teachers wanting to "test the water" before diving in. You don't have to go as far as creating a class, you can just try the app for a single assignment, or even a single question. That means you can sign up for this app and assess students in less than 5 minutes- for real. Seriously, try this app today. You will thank youself!!

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