Take a chance on Tellagami

Look at how happy the Tellagami icon is! No wonder, the app is fun for everyone at any age. As a social studies teacher, I have students use Tellagami to create animated historical news reports, but there are so many more creative ways to leverage the power of this app.

Students can use Tellagami to tell a short story, describe a vocabulary word, or to create a promotional video about a topic they are concerned with. Use your imagination and you'll find many more uses for the app. To the animation, you can customize your character all the way down to choosing the eye color. You can choose your character's gender, clothes, head size (a fun feature) and more! You can even attribute specific emotions to your character, affecting their facial expression. Students can also be tasked with finding an image for use as the background of their Gami- a feature that opens up the door to a multitude of learning possibilities.

Take a look at the video below, from Tellagami's YouTube Channel, to get a better feel for the app. If you like what you see, have your students give it a try today!

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