The Wheel of Padagogy- The Best Technology Infographic for Pedagogy. Period.

No, you did not read the title wrong, and I didn't misspell anything either. The Wheel of Padagogy was created to help teachers understand the proper use of iPad apps, but it's usefulness extends far beyond mobile devices.

The principles behind this pedagogical tool, created by Allan Carrington, are universal when applied to any technology device. Allan combined the Bloom's Taxonomy Model of educational goals with the SAMR model of educational technology to create his Wheel of Padagogy- a marriage made in heaven.

The wheel offers solutions to everyday problems teachers' implementing technology face every day. What app should I have students use to synthesize knowledge? Can my students create a video to satisfy the educational goal of my current standard- or is there a better means to accomplish this goal? What website best helps students analyze primary sources? You get the idea. I downloaded this pdf to my computer as soon as I was introduced to the Wheel, and I plan on referencing it for years to come!

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