Meme's The Word!

You've seen a meme before- trust me. They are everywhere on social media, and the Internet in general. Simply put, a meme is an activity, concept, catchphrase or piece of media which spreads, often as mimicry, from person to person via the Internet. They can be fun (see Chuck Norris meme), but they can be educational at the same time (see Vladimir Putin meme).​​

The impetus for this blog post manifested in a discussion I had with a colleague looking for new tools to assist in making vocabulary fun in her classroom- which brings me to another use for memes: learning vocabulary words.

What resulted from our conversion was the idea that she would assign a vocabulary word to each student, and they would create a meme related to that vocabulary word. Now, you could go a few different ways with this idea. Students could simply include the vocabulary word in their meme, or they could purposefully exclude the vocab word in order to allow other students to guess the word assigned to each student. Either way, the activity is a winner!

I suggested my colleague have her students use Google Drawings or Haiku Deck to create the meme, as either software would work perfectly. Google Drawing offers more freedom in creating a meme, while Haiku Deck does a better job in preventing students from distractions, as it does not give them as much freedom to personalize the format. If you use Haiku Deck, you must think outside the box, as it is a presentation software and is usually utilized to create multiple slide presentations. In creating a meme, students need only create a single slide.

Whatever software you decide to use (and there are many to choose from), I highly suggest you try this activity in your classroom!

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