Take A Virtual Tour Of The World With These 2 Awesome Geography Websites

For that moment when you are describing a part of the World to your students and you would like to better illustrate a region or city- you could use Google Earth to support your lesson (because it's awesome!), but you could also utilize these two websites to bolster your lesson: Vpike & Airplano.


Vpike.com harnesses the power of Google's Street View to bring you a powerful website for discovery and learning. Type in a city, or even an address and Vpike will bring you there virtually, and put you on the ground. What's more, you can then click to move around in any direction. You can even enter into buildings of participating businesses and institutions to take a look around.


Airpano.com offers hundreds of 360° images and videos of the most breathtaking places on the planet. Either search for a specific place, or scroll through the most popular locations, listed on the homepage. The cool part about 360° images and videos is that you can click and drag on the screen to change your vantage point to look to the left and right, as well as up and down. You can also zoom in and out-albiet slightly.

Be careful, this site can be addicting!

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