Look Like A Pro With Adobe Post

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all littered with professional looking memes and other pictures with fancy text- all purposed for social media. I always thought it would be great to be able to use an app to create these "social images". After some research, I discovered there are apps out there for just this purpose. The app that truly stood out was Adobe Post.

I stumbled across Adobe Post over the holiday break a few months ago and have been using it regularly since. The app is extremely user friendly, yet powerful- a great combination! The user is able to create a completely original work, or select from a number of pre-formatted themes (called "Posts") to create a social image. The great part about the pre-formatted themes is the user can edit or "remix" to adjust the image to their taste. To create a Post, the user first chooses a image. They can either take a picture with their mobile device, choose an image from their camera roll, or choose from a range of free stock images provided by Adobe. The app is also connected to Adobe Lightroom and the Creative Cloud, so the user can choose images from those sources too. After the image is chosen, the user can add text, choose a design, and adjust the color palette to their liking. What results is a professional looking social image that is ready to be posted anywhere. What's more, the process only takes a matter of minutes!

As I mentioned, I was introduced to this app during the holiday season. Below and to the left, is a picture of my grandparents house, with all the holiday decor shining bright. To the right, you can see what I created from this image in a matter of minutes using Adobe Post.

After sending the image to my grandmother, she couldn't stop raving about my creation. :-) So, be a good grandchild, child, husband, wife or teacher and start using Adobe Post!

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