4 EdTech Pro Tips For Trying New Websites and Apps In Your Classroom

Getting ready for the school year? Has it already started for you? Take heed! These insider tech tips will help save you some headaches when trying out new tech tools in your classroom this year.

1) Why are you doing this? Don't choose a tool (website/app) for it's "wow"-factor. First and foremost, you must determine what your students must achieve. If a particular tool will help them achieve their goals, only then should you consider introducing a new tool.

2) Don't overcomplicate things. You may have heard about new tools over the summer, and now you want to try them out. Take my advice: introduce one tool at a time. This allows both you and the students to fully acclimate to the new tool.

3) Designate a pilot class. When introducing a tool, try it out in one class to start. If it improves learning, allow it to proliferate to fit your needs.

4) It is not a contest. The teacher that uses the most tools isn't necessarily the best. Find a select few tools for you and your students to master, and use them to the fullest extent.

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