DocentEDU Pro Tip: How To Embed Items

I recently Tweeted that DocentEDU is the swiss army knife of Edtech. To help you understand what I mean by this, I wanted to share some of the cool features DocentEDU has to offer. Today I will show you how to embed items into a Docent using a YouTube video as an example.

Watch the GIF to see how I do it. Read the instructions below the GIF for the details.

Step 1) Once you locate the website you want to turn into a Docent. Click on the DocentEDU extension to bring up your tool bar.

Step 2) From your tool bar, insert a sticky note into your Docent. This is where the magic happens.

Step 3) In a new tab, locate the media you would like to embed into your Docent. In this example, I will show you how to embed a YouTube Video.

TIP: You can embed Google Forms, ThingLinks, Edpuzzle videos, Educreations videos, and more! You can embed ANY link that begins with <iframe, and ends with iframe>

Step 4) Click the Share icon, then click Embed. Copy the link presented on your screen.

Step 5) Back on your Docent page, paste the link into the sticky note. That's it! You will see the video appear within the sticky note in your Docent.

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