IT'S ALIVE!! This Augmented Reality App Brings Paper To Life

The PDF shown on the left (below) maps the human body, providing useful information. This PDF alone could be helpful in most Biology or Anatomy classrooms.

BUT, this PDF is much more than paper and ink. It is purposed for use with the Anatomy 4D app, created by DAQRI. DAQRI calls this PDF a "target", and it was created to interact with the Anatomy 4D app. If you scan this target with an iPad running the app, it looks like this:

Pretty sweet, huh? Just wait until you try it yourself! Students can use this app to view the human body in intricate detail. What's more, they can isolate individuals systems of the body, including-but not limited to- the nervous, lymphatic and the gastrointestinal system. In addition to the human body as a while, DAQRI also offers a target for the human heart. Science teachers, try using this app as a "hook" to get students interested in the biology of the human body- you will be happy with the results!

Here are the two posters (PDFs) available from Daqri's website.

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