Teach Kiddos to Code with Daisy The Dinosaur on iPad

Daisy the Dinosaur is a great beginner iPad app for early-primary teachers (K-2) looking to help young learners practice coding skills. No scripting is involved, instead users simply drop and drag commands to program Daisy the Dino to move, turn, grow, and more. The user interface and format of this app is simple and easy to understand, thus allowing for fast learning. In addition, the graphics are very appealing to youngsters, which is always important in securing a "buy in" on behalf of learners at such a finicky age.

As I mentioned, one of the best features of this app is it's simplicity. To illustrate just how easy it is to get started using this app, I created a video to get you started...in 30 seconds. How's that for simple?!

So, go ahead and download the app, open it, and follow along with the video below:

Once students have a grasp of the skills cultivated in the "Challenge Mode", they can choose the "Free Play" mode to apply said skills- without guidance or restriction- as they create their own program.

Happy coding!!

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