Wonder No More With Wonderopolis!

Wonderopolis takes the wonder out things, but in a good way! Hailed as a tool for daily learning, this website provides answers to many odd, interesting, and otherwise entertaining questions such as why do paper cuts hurt? or why does green mean go? Students can search through the 1,700+ "Wonders of the Day" to pick one that appeals to them. Once they choose their wonder, they will be presented with a short (~1 page) article that demystifies the wonder.

Each wonder also includes:

  • a short video related to the content

  • highlighted vocabulary words

  • a vocabulary list

  • a vocabulary assessment

  • a short 3 question assessment related to the content of the article

  • numerous extension activities

In addition to the reading activities, Wonderopolis also offers a plethora of lessons and other curriculum for teachers. Check it out today and start feeding your student's thirst for wondering!

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