7 Great Coding Websites ...With Awesome Videos How To Use Them!

Here are 7 of the most popular coding websites available today, complete with a description and a video that shows you how to get familiar with each website so you can use it in your classroom today! Sometimes all a person needs is a little push in the right direction to get started- that is why I made each one of these videos. Happy coding!


Cost: Free to start, Paid subscription unlocks more features ($7.99/mo.- paid monthly, $6.67/mo.- paid annually)

Age Level: Early Elementary

Account Information: Teachers must sign up with email address before using the website or the app.watch Teachers can create a class and add students manually at www.kodable.com. Students don't need to create an account if the teacher adds them to the class.

Description: This elementary level website (and companion iPad app) is great for students learning to code for the first time. There is no scripting involved, instead students drop and drag tiles to command an onscreen character to move around. It is recommended teachers go to the website on a computer to create a class, and add students to the class.


Cost: Free

Age Level: Elementary

Account Information: No account needed to begin. (Must sign up for free account in order to share projects with others.)

Description: Scratch allows users to program their own interactive stories, games, and animations. The program helps students learn to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. It is easy to use, as Scratch utilizes of blocks of code instead of actual text coding. When students finish their project, they can share it with others in the online Scratch community.


Cost: Free

Age Level: Elementary

Account Information: No account is needed to use this app.

Description: Lightbot help students learn to code by slowly introducing concepts such as directions, sequences, procedures, and loops. Rather than text or block scripts, students use shapes and images to code the bot, making this program an excellent choice for students without any prior coding skills.

Star Wars Building a Galaxy by: Code.org

Cost: Free

Age Level: Elementary (Block commands), Middle School & Secondary (JavaScript and Block commands)

Account Information: No account is needed to use this website.

Description: The Star Wars: Building a Galaxy project of coding instruction offers two options to students- build with block commands or build with JavaScript and block commands. Beginners should start with block commands only. Once familiar with block commands, users will be better prepared to try their hand at building with JavaScript and block commands. The goal of this project is to program the Star Wars character BB-8 to do various tasks.

Python Turtle Challenge

Cost: Free

Age Level: Middle School & Secondary

Account Information: No account is needed to use this website.

Description: In this more slightly more advanced project from Code Avengers, you will utilize the popular coding language called python to draw pictures using a turtle. This project uses actual text coding (python), making it more difficult when compared to other projects that utilize block commands.

Bootstrap World

Cost: Free

Age Level: Middle School, Secondary

Account Information: No account is needed.

Description: Bootstrap world is a simple math-based coding website helps students understand the relationship between algebra and coding computer graphics. The website offers numerous resources to teachers, including detailed lesson plans. The coding modules start simply, but advance quickly and students are expected to actually type their code, as opposed to moving block around on the screen.


Cost: Free to begin. (Paid subscriptions are available, must contact company to get a quote.)

Age Level: Secondary

Account Information: Teachers and students must sign up for a free account to begin. Paid accounts are available, offering many additional features and increased functionality.

Description: CodeHS teaches students how to type actual code to create a program. Similar to Bootstrap World, the utilization of text-based coding makes this website a great option for secondary classrooms as it is slightly more advanced than websites using block commands. Teachers and students can use the site for free, but a paid subscription offers teachers many more features such as the ability to create a class, create lesson plans, and track student progress.

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