Pinterest Meets Google Classroom with TES Teach with Blendspace

I stumbled up TES Teach with Blendspace a few weeks back and I was impressed. With TES Teach, you can create powerful multimedia lessons in under 5 minutes. I would describe this software as Pinterest meets Google Classroom. Each lesson look like

Pinterest board (hence the Pinterest reference) and you can create classes for students to join (hence Google Classroom). Teachers can add material such as PDFs, images, videos, website links, quizzes, and more- while including instructions that show up on the right side of the screen. From there, teachers can assign the lesson on the TES Teach website, or they can share it to Google Classroom, Edmodo, and Twitter. Students can move from one step of the lesson to the next, simply by clicking on the next "pinned" file.

Additionally, there is a lesson library where teachers can check out existing lessons created by other teaches- and yes, teachers can reuse these lessons themselves! Lastly, be sure to click on "Tips" icon (a purple want at in the top-right of the screen) to access awesome suggestions on how to use the website. Give TES Teach with Blendspace a try, I know you will find unique and useful!

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