Use your Smartphone to make your job easier!

If you were lucky enough to get a smartphone as a gift this holiday season or if you're looking for better ways to use your existing smartphone, consider downloading the following apps to make the little things easier at your job.

Rowmote and Mobile Mouse (Both available for iOS & Android)

Both Rowmote and Mobile Mouse allow you to control your mouse with your smartphone. These apps will help to untether you from your desk and computer, as they allow you to move around the classroom while still being able to switch slides on a presentation running on your computer. You can also click links, scroll, and zoom in on webpages displayed on your computer. Mobile Mouse even has an iWatch app that allows you to control your computer screen from your iWatch!

SharpScan (for iOS) (for Android)

SharpScan allows you to scan documents with your smartphone's camera. You can then save the document to your phone, email it, text it, open it in the Skitch app to annotate it, send it to your Google Classroom, and more! Scans are also saved in the app for future retrieval.

Printer Pro (iOS) and PrintShare (Android)

Printer Pro and PrintShare allow you to print anything from your smartphone. Print PDFs emailed to you, documents you scan with your SharpScan app, and more!

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