Make Email Work For YOU With The Boomerang App

When preparing my blog post on the Boomerang app by Instagram, I ran across another application that goes by the same name but offers a vastly different service.

Touted as thoughtful productivity software that helps you focus on what matters, the Boomerang app seamlessly integrates into a user's email account to expand it's utility and make digital communication more user friendly (the app is available for Gmail and Outlook, as well as for the Android OS).

Here are some of the things you can do with Boomerang:

  1. Re-send yourself emails, closer to the dates and times listed in an email (see below).

  1. Send an email at a later time (see below).

  1. Check to see if someone has opened the email you sent them.

  2. Get reminded if someone doesn't respond to your email.

  3. Use Boomerang's Respondable feature to write better emails. (This is an incredible feature that utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze your email to help you use the most effective language to strike the right tone, thus eliciting faster and more meaningful responses.)

For all of you that spend hours using email every week, Boomerang will make you life easier- I promise! Do yourself a favor and give it a try- you may find you can't live without it.

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