Share Websites at the Speed of Sound with Google Tone

There are so many great tools available today that allow teachers to easily and quickly share web content with their students. My personal favorite for the past year has been the Google Chrome extension URL Shortener. This extension has saved me a lot of time by allowing me to share websites with students in the form of shortened URLs and QR codes. Good stuff!

Now, there is another tool that puts a unique twist on sharing web content- Google Tone. When installed in both the teacher's and students' Google Chrome browsers, this Chrome extension allows teachers to share websites with students via sound. Yes, sound. Take a look at the video below to see what I mean.

I've used this extension with students using Chromebooks and I will admit that it isn't perfect. Sometimes, I have to play the sound a few times. In the end, it is still faster to share web content via Google Tone than than it is to write a website on the marker board. It is also more accurate than sharing shortened URLs because it is impossible for the site to get "lost in translation" (i.e. students type the incorrect characters into their browser). Give it a try and decide for yourself!

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