Manipulate Websites With These 2 Great Browser Extensions

We are living in the era of "Web 2.0", marked by Internet users' ability to interact with or otherwise manipulate information and resources found online. (It is a great era in which to live if you are a web-junky!) These two awesome browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox will help you manipulate websites and lead you to Internet domination! (Note: some of these extensions are also available for Safari and Internet Explorer web browsers.)

1) Print Friendly & PDF

Print Friendly & PDF allows you to remove clutter from websites, leaving only the text you want on the page. After clicking the extension's button in your browser, the current web page will be presented to you in a new window, minus advertisements and other clutter. In this window, you can also delete portions of the text and/or pictures on the page. After you're done editing the page to your liking, you can choose to print or email your new document, or you can save it as a PDF. Use this app in the classroom to remove distractions from students assignments

2) Web Paint

With Web Paint, you can type or draw on any web page. Simply click the extension button, and a menu bar with numerous tools appears at the top your screen. Not only can you "free draw" on the web page, you can use other drawing tools such as the ellipse, and polygon tools. You can also fill the page with a color of your choosing. When you are done you can snap a picture of your work and crop, download, or print your picture. Use this tool in the classroom to teach students how to use a website. Also, have students use this extension to provide commentary on online articles you've assigned them.

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