Sound Check For Soundtrap

I recently had the good fortune of being asked to try out 3 new products included in what's being called the Google Creative Suite. Of the 3 apps, Soundtrap was the only one that was completely new to me. A web-based recording software, Soundtrap can be used in an educational setting to record podcasts, band concerts, jingles, original songs, and more- anything that requires the recording of sound in any form.

A veteran musician myself, I was eager to see how this software stacked up against other recording software I've used. Although Soundtrap is not quite as powerful as Logic, Audacity or Garageband, it does a fine job recording music and vocals and it allows for easy collaboration on audio recording projects which bodes well for education.

All a person needs is a device (tablet or computer) and an audio interface to record- I used my Macbook Pro and the Apogee One audio interface. Recording is easy, as I was up and running in less than five minutes after signing up for my Soundtrap account. From there I was able to record a quick demo in less than 10 minutes. The software includes prerecorded loops available for remixing, software instruments such as virtual drum sets that can be controlled by a keyboard or an external MIDI device, and the ability to record external instruments and vocals using a microphone. Beyond that, some basic effects can be added to each track, such as reverb, delay, and distortion. Collaborators can easily be added to a project allowing multiple people to work on the same project from multiple locations. Finished projects can be shared in various ways, including email and automatic uploading to Soundcloud (click here to listen to my demo track on Soundcloud).

All in all, Soundtrap is a neat software that I would recommend for creative teachers looking for more creative outlets for their students. Check it out today by clicking here.

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