Free Digital Citizenship Resources! "Becoming A Web Celebrity"

Thanks to the awesome resources from Common Sense Education, I was able to craft the following Digital Citizenship presentation purposed for 9-12 students. The presentation is based on the Becoming A Web Celebrity lesson created by Common Sense Education, which is available to any educator who creates a profile at Common Sense Education has become the leading voice for digital citizenship education in our nation's schools for good reason. The thoughtful material available on their website covers a variety of topics that tackle critically important issues confronting this generation of students. Not only are the topics relevant, but the lessons are rich with media and other resources that help bring the topics to life. The only way to truly understand the power of these lessons is to sign up and check them out yourself. Membership is free, and teachers can even get certified as a digital citizenship educators. Individual schools and even entire school districts can also get certified through Common Sense Media. Sign up today so you can start a conversation about digital citizenship in your classroom today!

Feel free to use the presentation below. For access to the original Google Slides file, click here. Be sure to check out the slide notes for slide one. It will tell you where to start the YouTube video of Lady Gaga performing at the Super Bowl. All citations for the slide videos and images are also located in the notes section of each slide.

Here are a couple live shots from my lesson (notice how captivated the kids are!):

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