Newsela: A Differentiation Tool To Improve Literacy is an incredible, free web-based software that helps teachers reach more students in the classroom. The website offers teachers a plethora of current news articles for use in the classroom. Teachers can adjust the lexile (reading) level of an article and individually assign articles to students based on their abilities. In effect, a teacher can assign the same article to every student while still accounting for the specific needs of each student. As the year progresses, teachers can incrementally raise the lexile level of the articles he or she assigns to a particular student in a way that not only improves that students literacy skills but also builds that student’s confidence and self esteem.

Newsela is a great tool that can be utilized by teachers in nearly every subject area, as it contains news articles related to nearly every topic imaginable. Not only does it have to get struggling students “caught up” to their peers who read at the appropriate level, but it can also push students of all reading levels to further improve their literacy skills.

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