Playposit: Teach With Video...And So Much More!

This tech tool is one of my biggest takeaways for the TIES 2017 Conference in Minneapolis this past December. I urge you to check it out, as I am extremely impressed by it!

Playposit utilizes active learning by affording teachers the ability to insert questions into virtually any video, online or otherwise. In addition, teachers can view students responses as well as other information about their performance. And this is just the beginning. Here are a few more Playposit highlights:

  • Playposit also allows teachers to broadcast a video on the projector in the room, while asking questions of students as the video plays.

  • Questions can be used as branching moments, allowing the teacher to push students down different pathways, based on their response to a particular question. This helps teachers tailor the content to the specific needs of each student.

  • When used in a flipped classroom environment, Playposit allows teachers to view important data, prior to entering into the classroom.

There are more features than I have mentioned here, so its best you go sign up and check it out at Enjoy! :-)

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