VR In The 


Purchasing VR Equipment

  • Oculus Go 

    • The 32MB version works great!

    • Currently on sale for $150

  • Other options (ClassVR)​

  • Must purchase additional items

    • Re-chargeable batteries​

    • Battery Charger

    • Plug-in strips

    • Stands

    • More... (see list to the right)

Build Your Own Cart

  • Carts are expensive and hard to find

  • Consider making your own cart

    • I bought all materials on Amazon

  • This may be a great project for students!​

Setting up Vr Headsets

  • Manage Oculus Go with a mobile device

    • I use my personal smartphone

    • Can control 25+ devices​

    • Set up a password to download apps

    • Do not connect to your social media (unless you want kids to post for you!)

  • When headset freezes, reset them​

    • Hold down power and volume keys​

Using VR in The Classroom

  • Before implementation

    • Become a VR pro​

    • Download only the apps you need

    • Charge goggles and batteries before using in class​​​

  • In the classroom

    • Teach students​ how to use the controller

    • Be vocal as you lead the lesson

    • Students must turn volume up

    • Teach students how to return goggles to stand

  • Best Practices

    • Seamless integration into curriculum

      • Civil War Example​

      • Immigration Example

      • Population Density Example

    • Do not over-use

    • Try to give students an experience

      • Solitary Confinement​ Example

      • Pregnancy Example

    • Carefully select 360 video(s) before lesson​

      • Limit students' time searching for content​

Great app for Oculus